House of orange trees in Pietrasanta. Project

This house is located in Pietrasanta, positioned at the beginning of the hill and at the bottom of a small little valley. It is located at the end of an urban area, so it stands above the houses below; however, the view opens toward the town, catching sight of the sea. The base of the volume almost completely covers the building area given by the distances of the boundaries and the groove of the stream. The house has a distributive center that overlooks the street and is free on all sides. The bedrooms are located on the ground floor surrounded by hedges and greenery, the living area is located on the first floor in close contact with the panoramic rooftop terrace. There are different levels of land on which the house lies, these differences in level are found on all the floors up to the roof. The entrance from the private road is a large greenhouse/winter garden on two levels and contains an elevator and the stairs.