New house in Pietrasanta

We are exactly above Pietrasanta and the view extends to the pine forests and then to the sea. On the left not too far away, there is the Rocca di Sala with its “cavernous limestoneā€ ashlar walls - a firm, ancient, untouchable presence that conveys a strong defensive character; yet, the texture of its masonries, the earthy colors of the cavernous limestone oxidized by time convey to us something closely related to the nature and material of the place. The choice of pale brown travertine cladding (Travertino S.Peter or Ascolano) seemed to juxtapose with the country walls and the tone of the Rocca in a natural way. The volumes of the house are arranged on the ground avoiding the need to build a closed block on the hillside but allowing air and light to enter the building. It is surprising to think that this is also a technique of good plant cultivation, i.e., olive trees, citrus trees, - wisely pruning the inside of the plant to let in air and light.