Palazzina Vestri - 2004-2007

The Palazzina di Vestri is a linear, lengthwise construction which was probably originally built as a hunting lodge, being in the perfect location, i.e., in the final part of the cultivated countryside, close to the Pizzorne mountain. It is certainly a very ancient construction dating back to around 1300/1400; before the works the building was in good structural condition but the walls, originally covered with plaster, were very hollow and compromised. The work was mainly a recovery of the existing structure, existing materials such as terracotta elements, stones, wood, iron. Outside, there is a small garden designed by Peter Hessel (Amsterdam) with the stone fountain located in the center. The Bisazza black anthracite glass tile pool fits into the landscape with a blue green color, without clashing with the existing range of greens. A small funnel-shaped pergola accompanies the climb from the bottom to the pool and then to the house.