Villa Andreuccetti Carignano - 2011-2018

Villa Andreuccetti, formerly Villa Buonvisi, is a small historic villa whose documentation dates back to the 17th century. The villa has a typical central hall, which the rooms directly overlooked. The frontal grand staircase was rebuilt from the 18th century plans in which the entire garden was designed. The ceiling of the hall on the first floor has been completely renovated in oak, the ceilings of the rooms are partially plastered, and others made of spruce wood. In the back wall of the house, to the south, we identified a path to reach the pool. At this location, an ancient wall bordering the road was in poor condition and here we had to excavate to obtain the underground technical rooms, therefore some consolidation works to the wall by leaning against pillars were carried out. These pillars became then the pillars of a summer pergola halfway between the pool and the villa.