Miralunga Villa - 2002-2005; 2016-2020

This villa is a monumental building complex in the municipality of Lucca with a rich combination of gardens and outdoor spaces, a combination of old parts and new parts that coalesced. The core part of the complex dates back to the early medieval period and was probably a hunting lodge, close to the town, on the edge between the cultivated areas and the woods. The most important expansion was made in the 17th century and this aspect is found in the rear towards the mountain where the original nymphaeum is located. The particular character of the building length easily suggested the themes that were continued in the new designs.

We thus repeated at the level of the nymphaeum a path through the villa that was already there on the ground floor, and this allowed a total walkability of the complex and a combination of continuous viewpoints between perspectives and supporting architectural backdrops, gardens and panoramic views.